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About Us

Drain Clear Services was established in 2006 to assist plumbers and Property Maintenance companies in a more technical and specialised area of plumbing. Since its inception, we only provided specialised equipment for blockages and then leak detections. We also assisted (advised) plumbers on problems that were out of the ordinary, such as: noise reduction on pipes, smells and pressure problems. The company has now grown, and we have included general plumbing maintenance and services, offering quick, neat and thorough work to our clients (24 Hrs Service) We are a member of I.O.P.S.A. (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) and PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) We are situated in Milnerton and have two teams.

Our Services

Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs

Drain Clear Services specialise in general maintenance and repairs of all types of plumbing troubles. We also cater for plumbing renovations of bathrooms and kitchens.

Geyser Replacements & Repairs

Drain Clear Services offers a Geyser Maintenance and repair service and also does installations when yours has finally heated it’s last drop of water.

Solar Geyser Installations

Solar water heating is an environmentally friendly way of saving electricity. A solar geyser is an excellent return on investment, as you can reduce your electricity significantly, up to 40%.

Heat Pump Installations

Heat pump systems are three to five times more efficient than your average geyser.  At Drain Clear we pride ourselves on the quality workmanship of our heat pump installations.

Fat Trap

Maintenance and deep cleaning of  all size fat / grease traps. We also supply and install. 

Bathroom Installations

Our panel of experienced plumbers and bathroom installation specialists are here to help you measure, plan and install your dream bathroom.

Acoustic Leak Detection

At Drain Clear we use only the best equipment to assist in detecting leaks in walls, ceilings, concrete slabs and behind tiled surfaces.

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Tel: 021 555 3100
Mobile: 084 514 0131
E-mail: drainclear@telkomsa.net

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Cnr Koeberg & Ixia Roads